Luxury, Naturally

NOOA’s luxurious teas and coffees take you on a tantalizing journey of extraordinary flavors and aromas.

Café Society

Our award-winning NOOA cafés are distinguished by their elegant, contemporary design, artisanal luxury, and culinary delights.


Our menus offer an intriguing array of exotic cocktails, gourmet dishes and delicate desserts, each with a distinctive African twist.


Diverse influences from both traditional and new culture are skilfully reimagined by our culinary team to provide rich delights for your senses.


Experience the combination of African wholesomeness and skilled innovation that adds something unique to every leisurely lunch and business brunch.

Delectable Cuisine

South African cuisine is influenced by a colorful heritage of many nationalities, cultures and ingredients.


The NOOA touch is evident in the creative use of ingredients and influences native to the southern tip of the African continent.


We invite you to experience our unique curation of flavors and colors. Bursts of rooibos, honeybush and more will entice your senses throughout your NOOA culinary journey.

Refreshing Beverages

At NOOA, we do things differently. Our innovative, one-of-a-kind beverage menu features a sophisticated 0% alcohol botanical mixology offering
and a unique rooibos espresso menu that matches our distinctive specialty coffees.

Rooibos espresso is packed with antioxidants and is naturally caffeine free. This finer-cut blend of Grade-A rooibos, with a touch of honeybush creates an espresso-like delight with a rich crema and natural sweetness.

Experience our flagship café in Saudi Arabia, with more cafés opening in Doha, Dubai and around the Middle East, USA and Europe.